The SDA Capital Program represents school facilities projects that address high educational priority needs and an advancement strategy considerate of budget, design efficiencies and construction logistics. Approved by the SDA Board, the Capital Program includes dozens of projects throughout the State’s 31 SDA Districts that address some of the most critical educational needs across the state.

At the onset of Capital Program development, the SDA and the Department of Education (DOE) together identify a statewide prioritization list. Strategic sequencing for the advancement of projects from that list recognizes educational need and efficient construction and cost factors. Projects advanced from the statewide prioritization list address extreme overcrowding, non-compliance with educational standards, and significant building condition deficiencies.

Through the construction of new schools, additions, and major renovation projects, the SDA delivers efficiently designed facilities that provide local school districts with the enhanced academic environments needed to support their educational programs. SDA Capital Projects follow recognized design and constructability standards that help ensure -

  • quality and consistency of systems and materials;
  • ease of operations and maintenance;
  • appropriate and cost‐effective design; and
  • state-of-the-art facilities for the students of New Jersey.

The SDA is responsible for financing 100% of eligible costs of capital projects in SDA Districts. The Authority procures design, construction and construction management services for DOE-approved facilities projects in these school districts.

The current portfolio of active capital projects is valued at more than $1.5 billion. To view a list of previously completed capital projects, click here.