The SDA’s expanded Constructability Review for Design‐Bid‐Build capital projects is dedicated to ensuring increased accountability to the construction process.


Some projects in the SDA Capital Portfolio are most appropriately addressed through a traditional Design-Bid-Build approach. For example, we determine whether an addition/renovation project’s overall schedule would benefit from design completion prior to start of construction. An existing school facility can present a degree of uncertainty regarding existing conditions that can be more effectively controlled through thorough identification and full design. With design completed, the SDA procures a Construction Contractor to build the school.


Before authorizing construction to start, the SDA requires the Construction Contractor to perform an expanded Constructability Review. During this review, the Contractor is required to identify whether there exist any gaps or questions of coordination in the construction documents. They also confirm that the documents are free of conditions that might create conflict among the building’s components and that could impede satisfactory completion within the contract price and schedule.


The Constructability Review provides an effective opportunity to resolve any such issues before commencement of construction. Again, the goal of predictability is accomplished by preventing lengthy, costly delays during construction.


Upon completion of the Constructability Review process, the Contractor and the SDA agree to a dollar value representative of any changes necessitated by the results of the Review. With that adjustment, the Contractor agrees that that it will not be entitled to seek additional compensation for changes in the work or for project delays resulting from deficiencies in the contract documents that should have been identified during the Constructability Review.


However, the contractor will not be precluded from seeking compensation for a change due to a true unforeseen condition, nor for code compliance issues or for other changes due to issues outside the scope of the Constructability Review.


Through this process, SDA has experienced a substantial reduction in unforeseen issues, and change orders. All SDA projects upon which Constructability Reviews were completed, have been successfully delivered on budget and on schedule.