In order to ensure predictable delivery of consistently high-quality, high-performing school facilities, SDA has developed and implemented a broad range of standards. These include the following:

  • SDA Materials and Systems Standards – SDA’s Materials and Systems Standards are the foundation for ensuring delivery of consistently high-quality school facilities. These requirements have been developed based upon SDA’s experience over many years of school design and construction and are intended to establish an optimal balance between initial cost and long-term maintenance and operations considerations. In some instances, SDA’s Design Requirements afford options or choices for school districts based on local preferences or practices. These standards also allow for a variance process to allow for consideration of new materials, systems, and technologies, as well as instances where a district is able to demonstrate greater maintenance and operations capabilities.

    SDA Materials and Systems Standards consist of the following two components:

    • Design Requirements – SDA Design Requirements define the materials and systems that are to be utilized on all SDA managed projects.
    • Construction Details Manual – The Construction Details Manual contains select key “Standardized Construction Details” for the materials and systems included in the Design Requirements. These details are for reference only and are to be reviewed by the Design Consultant and its Sub-Consultants for applicability prior to inclusion in the construction documents for any respective project.
  • Performance Specifications – Based upon its Materials and Systems Standards, SDA has also developed standardized Performance Specifications which are utilized on SDA design-build projects to provide supplemental information and project-specific requirements.
  • Other SDA Design Standards – SDA continues to develop supplemental design standards as necessary to provide for continued improvement in the quality of school facilities which it delivers. These include standards for acoustical performance and building commissioning as well as periodic Design Bulletins to supplement existing Materials and Systems Standards.
  • Other Standards and Codes – Following are other standards and codes which are applicable to SDA projects: