The SDA is committed to addressing the educational facility needs of the students of New Jersey, through the delivery of high-quality schools that provide the educational infrastructure that students need to succeed. The SDA Board of Directors approved the 2019 Statewide Strategic Plan for SDA Districts as required by statute (P.L. 2007, c.137) and the 2022 Statewide Strategic Plan Update. This was based on the educational needs identified in the Department of Education’s 2019 Educational Facilities Needs Assessment (EFNA). This Statewide Strategic Plan provides the sequencing of SDA activities that will address the significant overcrowding and aging infrastructure needs that exist in many SDA districts and identifies a first tranche of projects toward addressing those needs. SDA advances projects that are the result of a collaborative process with each District and the Department of Education in order to ensure that we deliver projects that best address District needs.

This Plan supports the ongoing conversations regarding funding reauthorization to advance the important work of the SDA.

2022 Strategic Plan Update and Capital Plan – February 2024 Revision