The SDA’s Emergent Project Program addresses emergent conditions in SDA District facilities, often extending the useful life of school buildings so that students continue to have an appropriate place in which to learn.

Emergent projects are those deemed necessary by the state Department of Education in SDA Districts due to potential health and safety issues. The Emergent Project Program provides assistance to SDA District school facilities in need of repair and rehabilitation. Emergent projects address water infiltration issues and include the repair or replacement of roofs, windows, exterior masonry, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and security systems. The SDA fully funds emergent projects in the 31 SDA Districts.

It is important to note that emergent conditions should not be confused with “Emergency” conditions or routine maintenance, which the local school districts are responsible for addressing. The SDA is statutorily prohibited from funding conditions that are considered maintenance.

The SDA manages many projects identified as emergent, while others are delegated for District management, depending upon the project’s scope and complexity. For delegated projects, the SDA executes a grant agreement with the District, which is then responsible for procuring and disbursing payment to the consultants and contractors. The SDA maintains oversight throughout the process.

In some cases, Districts can elect to undertake school improvement projects. If approved by the DOE Commissioner in consultation with the SDA, a district can undertake a project costing in excess of $500,000 if it can demonstrate that its budget includes sufficient funds to finance the project. In addition, the DOE Commissioner may impose a requirement that the district follow the design requirements and materials and system standards established by the SDA.


Emergent Designation Process

An emergent project is defined in Department of Education regulations at 6A:26 as " a capital project necessitating expedited review and, if applicable, approval, in order to alleviate a condition that, if not corrected on an expedited basis, would render a building or facility so potentially injurious or hazardous that it causes an imminent peril to the health and safety of students or staff.”

The SDA and DOE periodically make outreach to the SDA Districts to solicit requests for potential "emergent" conditions as defined by statute for consideration. Application is made to the New Jersey Department of Education (DOE). Districts also can submit a project application to the DOE when a need arises. If a condition is subsequently determined by the DOE to be emergent it is transmitted as a school facilities project to the SDA to address.


Emergent Project Status

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