SDA efforts to maximize predictable project outcomes during construction of a school actually begin before hiring a contractor to build the school.


An engaged site environmental firm performs a thorough investigation to identify any environmental and/or geotechnical condition – as well as the conditions of an existing structure to be demolished to create space for the new facility.


With the results of that investigation and analysis, the SDA then determines whether the conditions are best addressed through an Early Site Preparation contract in order to deliver a site sufficiently cleared of these conditions and ready for new school construction.


In most instances, the SDA follows this method of separating demolition and site remediation from new school construction because doing so is highly effective in preventing lengthy, costly construction delays often caused by conditions that need to be remedied on the site.


Separating the Early Site Preparation contract from the Design-Build contract also provides an opportunity for smaller firms to gain experience working directly for the SDA.