Passaic City
Number 6, Martin Luther King, Jr.

85 Hamilton Avenue

Passaic, NJ 07055-5215


Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School No. 6. School

The expansion of the Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School was necessary to help accommodate the State's mandate of early childhood programs for three and four-year old children in Passaic, and to address educational and building system deficiencies.

The project, financed by the State of New Jersey and constructed by SCC, involved a 43,000 aquare foot, three-story modular addition and approximately 19,000 square foot of renovations. The project included twenty-three pre-kindergarten classrooms, two special education classrooms and an administrative suite. The project also consisted of renovations to the existing kindergarten classrooms and the existing library converted to a media information center, addition of small group instruction rooms, and renovations to add a computer/technology classroom. All additions and renovated areas are air-conditioned.

The completed project was designed by SSP Architectural Group and constructed by Kullman Industries. Bovis Lend Lease is the Project Manager.