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General Information
  About SDA
    Mission Statement
  State Comptroller/Investigations Division

  Materials and System Standards
     Design Requirements.pdf
     Construction Details
  Kit of Parts

School Projects
  SDA Capital Program
     2011 Presentation
     2012 Presentation
     2014 Presentation
  Emergent Project Program
  Active Projects
  Completed Projects
  Visit Your School Facilities Project
  Project Progress Photos
  Project Reports
     SDA Projects
        Demonstration Projects
     Reg.Operating Dist. Projects

Doing Business with SDA
  State of NJ Business Action Center
  Upcoming Contract Opportunities
  Current Contract

     Contractor Bonding Information
     Proposals Under Review
     Special Project Evaluation Notice
     Award History
     Bid History
  Before You Can Work With SDA
        Working with SDA

     Subcontractor Approval Process
     Insurance Requirements
     Contractor/Workforce Compliance
        Workforce Monitoring
        Workforce Goals
  Small Business Opportunities
  Form & Resources
    Vendor Directory/Search
    Invoice/Change Order Reports
       Accounts Payable-Open Invoices
       Accounts Payable-Paid Invoices
       Processed Change Orders Detail
       Open Change Order Detail
  Labor Relations
SDA Board & Management
  SDA Board
     Members and Committees
     Meeting Schedule
     Agenda, Materials, Minutes
     Operating Authority
  SDA Management Team

Governing Laws & Regulations
  Governing Laws
  Executive Orders

News & Publications
  Press Releases
  SDA Newsletter
  Annual & Other Reports
     Annual Reports
     Biannual Reports
     Financial Reports
     Monthly Progress Reports
     Key Presentations
     Other Reports

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