State of New Jersey - NJ Schools Development Authority
Contract No. Contract Name & Location School District
NE-0039-A01 Chancellor Ave. Annex and Thirteenth Ave. Newark


On November 15, 2004, the New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation ("NJSCC") will be randomly selecting a short list of firms that are both registered as SBE with the NJ Commerce & Economic Growth Commission and prequalified by the NJSCC in the Architecture discipline with a rating of at least $1,000,000 to and including $15,000,000 as of November 12, 2004. The shortlisted firms will be invited to submit Technical and Fee Proposals for the design of the project(s) described below:

Package Number: NE-0039-A01
School District: Newark
Package Name: Chancellor Ave/Miller St/Thirteenth Ave
Construction Cost Estimate (for information purposes only): $6,550,000

Complete design and construction administration services for boiler repair/replacement, roof/repair replacement, hazardous material abatement, door repair/replace, water infiltration and facade/masonry repair.

The Consultant must be a firm prequalified by the NJSCC in the following areas or have sub-consultants prequalified by the NJSCC in the following areas:

  • HVAC Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Plumbing Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Asbestos Safety Control Monitoring

Bidders are required to comply with the requirements of P.L. 1975, c.127 (N.J.A.C. 17:27), pertaining to affirmative action and equal employment opportunity

The NJSCC will not permit the Regional PMF or the sub-consultants to the Regional PMF, who provide services to the NJSCC for the above school district, to be engaged as a prime or subcontractor for this engagement. The Regional PMF or the sub-consultants to the Regional PMF, who provide services to the NJSCC for the above school district, shall not submit or be named in a proposal or bid for this engagement.

The NJSCC requires the consultant to provide opportunities to SBE firms to participate in the performance of this engagement, consistent with NJSCC’s SBE Set-Aside Goals of 25% (5% to Category 4, 10% to Category 5, and the remaining 10% to be allocated among Category 4 and/or Category 5). To be registered in Category 4, a business must have gross revenues that do not exceed $1 million. To be registered in Category 5, a business must have gross revenues exceeding $1 million. The Small Business Administration size standards are established at 13 C.F.R. 121.201.

In order to ensure the broad distribution of contracting opportunities, the SCC has modified its computerized random selection process that is utilized to short-list firms for Category 2 design procurements. Under the previous computerized selection process, the frequency with which a firm was short-listed was not taken into consideration. To achieve greater equity in contracting opportunities, the selection process has been modified as follows: Firms that were previously short-listed through computerized random selections will not be short-listed again, through that process, until all pre-qualified firms meeting the specific criteria assigned to a particular procurement are short-listed, thereby assuring that all firms will be given the opportunity to compete in Category 2 design procurements.

DATE ADVERTISED: November 10, 2004

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