Passaic City
New ES at Main Ave Site

320 Highland Avenue

Passaic, NJ 07055


Daniel F. Ryan Elementary School No. 19
(Formerly known as Elementary School at Main Avenue)

The new Daniel F. Ryan Elementary School at Main Avenue is 154,496-square-feet, consisting of an underground parking structure with a four-story facility on top of it with a rooftop playground due to no ground space for play areas. The facility will educate 668 Pre-K through 5th grade students and includes 10 pre-kindergarten classrooms, four kindergarten classrooms, 12 classrooms for grades 1st through 3rd, eight classrooms for 4th and 5th grades, five classrooms for special education and four small-group instruction rooms.

The school design maximizes the potential of a relatively long and narrow site. Located at the very edge of the municipal boundary, this school site is uniquely positioned to serve as a gateway to the city and an announcement of community pride. Extended from the main body of the building and located as a “monument” near the intersection of Main and Highland Avenues, this arrangement of spaces serves to promote and display the accomplishments of the community’s learners.

The balance of the four –story school is arranged to provide easy after-hours community access to the Gymnasium, Cafetorium and state-of-the-art Media Center facilities while providing appropriately scaled learning communities for the range of instructional spaces.

Hillier Group Architecture designed the project that was constructed by Ernest Bock & Sons, Inc. Skanska USA Building Inc. managed the project. A school dedication ceremony was held February 22, 2010.