Januare 15, 2020
Contact: Edye Maier (609) 858-2909

Advisory: Public Comment Being Accepted by New Jersey Schools Development Authority on Proposed Regulations to Implement Alyssa's Law

The New Jersey Schools Development Authority has filed the following proposal for publication in the Dec. 16, 2019, New Jersey Register:

The proposed new rules at N.J.A.C. 19:32A specify the standards for New Jersey school districts to demonstrate compliance with Alyssa's Law, which requires school buildings to be equipped with a panic alarm as defined in the statute, or an alternate emergency mechanism that, if approved by the Department of Education, will satisfy the requirements of Alyssa's Law. Alternatively, if a school district cannot demonstrate compliance with Alyssa's Law in all of the school buildings in the district, the Rules require the school district to submit to the Authority a compliance plan describing how the school district will achieve compliance with Alyssa's Law in each school building in the district. This compliance plan may include reliance on school security project grants from the Commissioner of Education available to fund the costs of compliance with Alyssa's Law.

The notice of proposal can be viewed on the Authority's website.

Members of the public may send in written comments concerning the proposals by Feb. 14, 2020, via the Authority's website or via the mailing or email addresses contained in the notices of proposal.

About the New Jersey Schools Development Authority

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