Frederic W. Cook E.S.


PLAINFIELD, NJ 07062-2140


Frederic W. Cook Elementary School

CURRENT STATUS - As of January 1, 2016: The SDA is in scope development with the DOE and Plainfield School District.

SDA Grant Detail
# Project Number Project Type Construction Type Total Project Cost Final Eligible Cost State Share Local Share
1 4160-120-08-0HAV Emergent Rehab of Existing Facility $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Evaluate condition of existing roof systems.
2 4160-120-12-0ADY Emergent Rehab of Existing Facility $212,000.00 $212,000.00 $212,000.00 $212,000.00
Building Envelope - Roof Repair and/or replacement. SOW to be determined.