Plainfield H.S.

950 Park Avenue

Plainfield, NJ 07060-3002


Plainfield High School

Plainfield High School is located at the intersection of Park Avenue and Stelle Avenue.

New windows have been installed at the school. The project is complete.

Last Updated: 01/27/2006
SDA Managed Projects Detail
# Project Number Description Project Type Construction Type
1 4160-050-17-0BBE Correct deficient roof slab and appurtances as necessary. Emergent Rehab of Existing Facility
2 4160-050-17-0BBD Repair/Replacement of Damaged Stairs having separation from walls (very limited areas) and Appurtances as necessary. Emergent Rehab of Existing Facility
3 4160-050-00-0473 roofing, replace door/hardware, electrical upgrade, lighting upgrade, interior finishes, upgrade fire alarm system, HVAC system. Health & Safety Rehab of Existing Facility
SDA Grant Detail
# Project Number Project Type Construction Type Total Project Cost Final Eligible Cost State Share Local Share
4 4160-050-08-0HAW Emergent Rehab of Existing Facility $342,360.00 $342,360.00 $342,360.00 $0.00
Evaluate condition of existing roof systems.
5 4160-050-12-0ADX Emergent Rehab of Existing Facility $1,900,140.00 $1,900,140.00 $1,900,140.00 $0.00
Building Envelope - Window Repair and/or Replacement. SOW to be determined.