Madison Avenue E.S.

163-167 MADISON AVE.



Madison Avenue Elementary School
The new 70,500 SF new school facility will be designed to educate approximately 460 students in grades PK-5.

CURRENT STATUS -As of July 1, 2018: The project is in construction. Roofing activities and masonry work are ongoing. Installation of exterior masonry veneer has commenced

Last Updated: 08/14/2018
SDA Managed Projects Detail
# Project Number Description Project Type Construction Type
1 2330-120-12-0ACU Building Envelope - Roof Repair and/or Replacement. SOW to be determined. Emergent Rehab of Existing Facility
2 2330-120-00-0685 Masonry repairs, doors replacement, window repair/replacement. Replace existing roofing sys, infrared surveying, existing rain conductors, misc. flashing, refurbish existing canopy, chimney repair/replacement. Health & Safety Rehab of Existing Facility
SDA Grant Detail
# Project Number Project Type Construction Type Total Project Cost Final Eligible Cost State Share Local Share
3 2330-120-04-000J School Facility Project Rehab of Existing Facility $18,340.00 $18,340.00 $18,340.00 $0.00
Replacement of condensate pump
4 2330-120-08-0FAG Emergent Rehab of Existing Facility $15,000.00 $15,000.00 $15,000.00 $0.00
Investigate source of water infiltration as wll as condition and performance of existing sump pump(s).