Camden City
Camden H.S.

1700 Park Blvd.

CAMDEN, NJ 08103

(856) 448-5567

Construction Work - June 2019

Camden High School
The new Camden High School will be an approximately 270,000-square-foot, two-story education complex, educating more than 1,200 students in 9th to 12th grade. The school will include four small learning communities, a gymnasium and an auxiliary gymnasium, cafeteria divided into four areas, auditorium, among many of its state-of-the-art amenities.

CURRENT STATUS - As of February 1, 2020: The project is under construction. The design phase of the design-build contract is complete. The design-builder continues with exterior building envelope and interior MEP rough-in work.


Key Parties:
Site Preparation/Demolition Construction Contractor USA Environmental Management, Inc.
Design-Build Contractor Ernest Bock & Sons
Design-Build Architect DIGroup Architecture, LLC
Construction Manager CBRE/Heery International, Inc.

Site Preparation Construction Activities Completed September 2018
Design Design NTP 9/26/2018
Start of Building Construction 4/2/2019
Anticipated School Opening September 2021

Total Estimated Project Costs $133 Million

*Please note that the anticipated milestone dates listed above are dependent on a number of variables and subject to change.

Last Updated: 06/21/2019
SDA Managed Projects Detail
# Project Number Description Project Type Construction Type
1 0680-030-03-0199 Install Automatic ROL Flushing Systems on water lines Emergent Rehab of Existing Facility
2 0680-030-03-0IAH Evaluate condition and operation of existing windows. Emergent Rehab of Existing Facility
3 0680-030-03-0IAG Investigate condition of expansion joint at bridge. Emergent Rehab of Existing Facility
4 0680-030-01-1015 evaluation of design exterior masonry/re-pointing as conditions warrant, roof replacement, fire alarm systems/design of fire alarm upgrades, electrical system, lighting and control panel upgrades. Health & Safety Rehab of Existing Facility
SDA Grant Detail
# Project Number Project Type Construction Type Total Project Cost Final Eligible Cost State Share Local Share
5 0680-030-03-1296 School Facility Project Rehab of Existing Facility $382,209.23 $382,209.23 $382,209.23 $0.00
Replacement of Exisiting old Steam (HVAC) units with new gas fired Units
6 0680-030-03-1285 Emergent Rehab of Existing Facility $267,983.95 $267,983.95 $267,983.95 $0.00
Replacement of gym flooring and storm drainage
7 0680-030-10-0ZVC Emergent Rehab of Existing Facility $23,080.00 $23,080.00 $23,080.00 $0.00
Fire Alarm Repair.