Burlington City
Elias Boudinot Early Childhood Center

West Pearl and Ellis Sts.

Burlington City, NJ

Elias Boudinot Early Childhood Center

NOTE: The SDA, in cooperation with the Department of Education, conducted a review of all projects previously in the 2008 Capital Plan that were not yet in construction. These projects were closely evaluated using criteria such as educational need, cost efficiency and potential for design standardization. The 2011 Capital Program was reviewed and approved by the SDA Board of Directors on March 2, 2011. The SDA will continue to have ongoing conversations with the districts so that their projects may be able to advance in subsequent years.

The proposed construction project will be a new 27,225-square-foot early childhood center to house 180 pre-kindergarten students. The facility will consists of 12 classrooms, a multipurpose room, 1 small group instruction room, warming kitchen and required administrative spaces. Outdoor play space will accommodate 3 classes at a time.