SDA's Small, Minority and Woman-owned Business Enterprises Contractor Training Program

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For more information on the program, please contact Aidita Milsted, Program Coordinator at (609) 858-5166.

The New Jersey Schools Development Authority (SDA) remains committed to increasing the active involvement of small, minority and women-owned business enterprises in the State's school construction program. The SDA proudly conducts a dedicated, in-house, SMWBE Contractor Training Program designed to assist and promote small business entities throughout the State of New Jersey.

The goal of the SDA SMWBE Contractor Training Program is to develop, strengthen, and expand the working relationships of small business firms established within New Jersey.

The program's focus is to help better prepare SMWBE firms to work with the SDA and the State of New Jersey. For example, SDA will assist companies with learning how to maneuver SDA and other State agency websites to find, bid on and potentially win award of government contracts, or be selected as subcontractors, etc.

The program concentrates on helping small businesses initiate, fortify and advance a set of core skills that are crucial to operating a successful and profitable business.

The SDA's SMWBE Contractor Training Program enlists subject matter experts including, but not limited to, SDA staff to discuss their inside industry knowledge and "know how." The program provides instruction in the following specific areas:

  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Construction & Professional Services
  • Basics of Accounting
  • Finding the Work
  • DPMC Classification
  • SDA Prequalification
  • Basics of Estimating
  • Basics of Budgeting
  • Construction Contract Law
  • Procurement
  • Safety
  • Insurance/OCIP
  • Surety Bonding
  • Finance Forum – "Finding the Funding"
  • Prevailing Wage Seminar

In addition to the Training Program courses, SDA may offer additional sessions for current and past participants.

The Training Program culminates with a graduation/networking event, which provides graduates with an opportunity to introduce their small businesses to the more established Construction Management Firms and General Contractors working on SDA projects.

In 2017, 42 small business enterprises successfully completed the SMWBE Contractor Training Program. Please take a moment to view the company profiles for past program graduates.

2011 SMWBE Program graduates
2012 SMWBE Program graduates
2013 SMWBE Program graduates
2014 SMWBE Program graduates
2015 SMWBE Program graduates
2016 SMWBE Program graduates
2017 SMWBE Program graduates

SDA attributes the success of this program the collective commitment of SDA management, staff and most importantly our class participants – entrepreneurs who are eager to learn and grow their small business enterprises.

SBE Program Goal

The SDA is committed to providing opportunities for Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) to participate in the school construction program.

The Authority has an obligation of ensuring that 25% of the total dollar value of every publicly advertised contract procured by the SDA is awarded to small businesses. Additionally, SDA advocates and encourages subcontract awards to Minority (MBE) and/or Women-Owned (WBE) firms on school projects.

The SDA Small Business Enterprise programs 25% goal can be met in two ways:

1) The SDA may designate certain contracts as set-aside contracts open to bid by SBE-registered Prime Consultants, Contractors or Vendors only. These contracts will be clearly identified in all bid advertisements as SBE set-aside contracts.

2) For all contracts (including set-aside contracts), prime consultants, prime contractors and prime vendors are required to award contracts totaling a minimum of 25% to registered SBE subcontractors/sub-consultants and/or sub-vendors.

The SDA recognizes the important role small businesses play in the economy of the State, and we are dedicated to help those firms access bidding opportunities.

Click here to see a list of Upcoming Contract Opportunities for all SDA projects.

SDA staff total up the dollar value of the SBE set-aside contracts awarded by the SDA to prime contractors or consultants or vendors, plus the value of those associated subcontracts awarded to SBE subcontractors/sub-consultants and sub-vendors by these primes. This total is used to calculate whether the prime has met its minimum 25% SBE compliance goal, or demonstrated a substantiated good-faith effort to identify and consider available SBE subcontractors, sub-consultants and sub-vendors for participation in the projects it has been awarded.

NJSAVI Database

You may access information regarding registered small businesses and certified minority and women-owned businesses by utilizing the SDA directory of contractors and consultants as well as the New Jersey Selective Assistance Vendor Information (NJSAVI) database. NJSAVI Database

NJSAVI is a database designed to assist small, minority and/or women-owned businesses that wish to do business with the State of New Jersey and the private sector. The database helps identify businesses eligible for legislatively mandated state programs, such as the New Jersey Set-Aside Act, and aids in matching buyers and vendors for private contracting opportunities.

For more information on statewide listing of firms certified as small, woman and minority owned business enterprises and to learn more about the Standards of Eligibility to become registered as a " Small Business" contact the Business Services Call Center at 1-609-292-2146, or visit New Jerseys business web portal:

For more information on Business engagement, please email